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What we do

Harpoon Productions makes digital content - text, video, podcasts, and social. We’re newly formed, but we’re not new to creating the best and most engaging online content - we’ve been developing techniques which drive the best content on the UK’s biggest websites.

With audiences in their millions, we have been leading the way in producing longform, immersive and narrative journalism, plus digital videos, newsletters, quizzes, and shortform content for social. We know what really reaches people.

We are now helping publishers, content providers and brands bring digital impact to their work. We can provide and deliver finished content, or we can advise you and help you with yours.

Amnesty Deocoders

Above: Harpoon helped create a powerful online story to drive digital engagement for
Amnesty International's Decode Darfur project.

About our founder

Giles Wilson

Giles Wilson

Harpoon Productions Ltd is headed by Giles Wilson, creator and longtime editor of the acclaimed BBC News Magazine. He has been at the forefront of pioneering new ways of telling stories for digital audiences and now leads a network of talented journalists, producers and developers. The combination of editorial and technical skills mean Harpoon Productions is ideally placed to work with publishers and content creators who want to make an impact on the digital world.

Giles is also director of Well Told, the first narrative journalism conference in the UK, which is taking place in summer 2017.