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What we do

Harpoon Productions creates engaging content for the web - immersive experiences, high quality text stories with beautiful pictures and video, infographics and social content.

We provide journalism, native and branded content, thought leadership material, corporate storytelling, advice and training. We’re experts in innovative, engaging web tools including Shorthand, Wordpress and bespoke treatments.

Whatever we’re doing, and whether it’s for the biggest publishers or for the most specialised, for us it’s all about good stories, well told.

Amnesty Deocoders

Above: Harpoon helped create a powerful online story to drive digital engagement for
Amnesty International's Decode Darfur project.

About us

Harpoon Productions is headed by Giles Wilson, creator and longtime editor of the acclaimed BBC News Magazine. He has been at the forefront of pioneering new ways of telling stories for digital audiences.

Tony Haile, the founding CEO of Chartbeat said: “Giles Wilson and his team learned more, experimented more and ultimately were able to drive more engagement than almost any other team I've seen. A rare combination of rigorous data analysis and creativity that truly outperformed."

With Harpoon Productions, Giles now leads a network of talented journalists, producers and developers. The combination of editorial and technical skills mean Harpoon Productions is ideally placed to work with publishers and content creators who want to make an impact on the digital world.

Giles is also director of Well Told, which champions narrative and longform journalism in the UK, and which staged the country’s first conference about longform journalism.